Trusted Partners

Partner with Intact Rentals and clearly demonstrate your commitment to trust and transparency in your rental transactions. Integrate the Intact Rentals shield into your website and operations to add an unprecedented seal of approval and show your customers that their rental payments and security deposits are safe and secure. By removing uncertainty in online rentals, you remove barriers – with predictably positive results for your bottom line.

Intact Rentals’s payment service applies to all types of companies in the diverse rental marketplace. If you are in the business of facilitating vacation rental properties online or a homeowner looking for a long term renter, the Intact Rentals solution applies to you. Whether you are an established rental agent in a resort town or arrange corporate housing in private residences, Intact Rentals can help you expand your business.

Let’s discuss innovative ways we can partner with your company. Intact Rentals provides a smart, simple and safe online solution. We look forward to working with you.